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Krooswyk Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning/files//Krooswyk_logo.jpg$219-987-3865213 7th St SW, DEMOTTE IN
Krooswyk Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning/files//Krooswyk_logo.jpg219-987-3865$213 7th St SW, DEMOTTE IN starstarstarstarstar 4.5 / 5 | 415 Total Reviews

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Krooswyk Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning/files//Krooswyk_logo.jpg$213 7th St SW, DEMOTTE IN 219-987-3865"We went with Krooswyk because we know a lot of people around DeMotte/Wheatfield go with them and my in-laws know them. Well, the first day they came out, they replaced a part on my heater that was $288. This was a relief for me because my heater was 32 years old so I thought I was going to have to replace the entire heater. The part worked for about 3-4 days heating the house up (the house went from 60 degrees to 72 degrees). Well, on the 3/4th day, we noticed the thermostat number was going back down. I called and asked them to come back out. The same guy we had before came out and said it was a different part this time and he had to go get it from the shop.This part was going to cost us another $500. When he came back, he said it wasn’t the part that he thought it was. He then thought it was actually the original part he replaced the first visit because it was malfunctioned. So he replaced that again. Said that should do it. So he left and we thought everything was fine. Well, a day later the house was back down to 60 degrees. I had two sick kids because of the temperatures in here fluctuating over the two weeks. I called several other companies and they all recommended right off the bat to replace the heater instead of fixing parts. I went ahead and had another company come out, they were able to see the CRACK without even touching anything within 2 minutes that Krooswyk was unable to see. They said we needed to get it fixed asap because carbon monoxide was leaking in the house and that’s why we could be getting sick. I called Krooswyk and spoke to Carly. She was not happy with me that I wasn’t happy about $288 down the drain. Never apologized to me about it or nothing. She told me she was going to talk to Jason the owner and get back to me. It’s been a month and I have not heard anything back yet. I am very upset that I wasted $288 on a part when another company was able to see a CRACK in my heater right away. I’m also upset that I was told the owner would get back to me and never did. I’m not one to leave reviews, but the fact that no one got back to me about this really makes me upset. $288 is a lot of money for a part that wasn’t even the problem to begin with. The. I had to turn around and buy a brand new heater (which is fine because my heater was 32 years old anyways) from another company. But you could have at least called me back. The other company was suppose to charge me as well for coming out and looking it on that first day, but he was nice enough to not even charge me because he was able to see the crack in my heater within 2 min. That was awesome in my opinion that he did that for me. "
from Wheatfield , IN on January 1st, 2023
5 (2 / 5)
Krooswyk Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning/files//Krooswyk_logo.jpg$213 7th St SW, DEMOTTE IN 219-987-3865"I am very unsatisfied with the mess that was left in our house when the holes were cut in the drywall. We have 2 small children, 27 months and 7 months, every item in the house at white drywall dust on it. The kids bedding was covered in dust. All we were told was “we are sorry for the mess” for the last 5 holes cut out of 21 they decided to use a 5 gallon bucket to block the dust. I just wish they would have done this the entire time. I had to do 5 loads of laundry and deep clean the entire house when I got home from work. I am still finding dust places. I wish we would have been warned that we needed to put Knick naks away and cover things with plastic. I guess I just thought that with us paying $18,000 to get AC put in I wouldn’t have to worry about this. I am also unhappy with the fact that the electrical done was not done permanently it was done for only a temporary fix. We now had to contract out to get this permanently done. Again, I would have thought by paying $18,000 this would have been part of the agreement. My husband and I are newer to home owning and not it the AC business so we didn’t know all the questions to ask. I just wish we were told this upfront. I am very dissatisfied. We are please with the AC but not with the mess we had to deal with afterwards. I will not be recommending you to family and friends or if anything I will at least let people know the questions they need to ask because you clearly don’t watch out for the customer."
from Demotte, IN on July 31st, 2020
5 (2 / 5)